Environmental / Recreation Contractors

Tampa Contracting Services (TCS) is recognized throughout Florida as one of the state’s most experienced environmental restoration contractors, with the completion and management of more than forty habitat restoration construction projects. TCS has been built on environmental principles and focuses on complex projects that allow it to maximize its specialization in the management and completion of environmentally sound projects. A client once referred to TCS as “environmental artists of the construction industry,” with the correlation being similar to an artist rendering a compelling portrait using creativity, vision, paint, brushes and a blank canvas. TCS utilizes a full gamut of environmental knowledge, expertise, experience, vision and specialized construction equipment to bring disturbed landscapes back into their original form as fully functioning ecosystems.

Since its inception in 1987, TCS has continued to satisfy public and private clients through high-quality environmental restoration, water treatment, and municipal recreation/public works construction projects. As environmental site contractors, TCS has acquired unmatched environmental restoration experience, completing restoration projects in nearly every type of wetland and upland ecosystem in the state. A core belief of environmental stewardship coupled with the completion of projects on time and within budget has facilitated TCS steady growth into one of the state’s premier environmental restoration contractors.


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