About TCS

As a result of its environmental foundation, TCS work flow gravitates toward public use projects, nature-based facilities and environmentally-sensitive construction projects. TCS operations greatly improve or have an overall positive impact on the public and the environment. In many cases, TCS is sought out to complete environmentally-sensitive projects that require a specific environmental skill set and understanding of natural science that traditional site contractors cannot deliver. The majority of TCS work is within these specific areas of construction:
  • Wetland habitat restoration (within fresh and saltwater wetlands)
  • Upland habitat restoration (within forested and herbaceous uplands)
  • Environmentally-sensitive lands management
  • Public parks and recreational facilities
  • Stormwater treatment facilities (alum)
  • Commercial pools, splash parks, bathhouse
  • Boardwalks/fishing piers/seawalls
  • Specialty type buildings/structures

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