Construction Services

TCS manages every aspect of the distinct environmental construction process and, when necessary, assembles specific teams of dependable and environmentally-knowledgeable subcontractors. The type of construction projects TCS commits to often require a keen eye and specific knowledge of the environments in which it operates. All contracted team members are held to exceptionally high work and safety standards that ensure a final project of extraordinary quality. TCS handles the majority of its construction work in-house with an environmentally rehearsed workforce comprised of supervisors, operators, labor and equipment. TCS equipment includes: excavators, bobcats, flat and marine barges, dirt screener, dump trucks, utility tractors, freightliner, fusion machine, dredge and concrete pumps, ditch trencher, multiple trailers, loaders, 4x4 Gators, dozers, hydro-ax, tub grinder and GPS integrated technology and equipment transport.

Habitat Restoration Construction

Habitat Restoration projects florida

TCS has detailed environmental knowledge and experience which includes, but is not limited to: native planting, invasive/exotic species removal, species maintenance, extensive land form alterations and the construction of public/private wetland restoration/mitigation sites. TCS specializes in restoring damaged habitat and maintaining newly restored landscapes until they are a self-functioning ecosystem. This includes the maintenance and removal of exotic species and prescribed burns on the property. Throughout the habitat restoration construction process TCS utilizes the previously existing natural ecosystems to help accelerate the success and self-maintaining capabilities of the land.

Site Work

GPS assisted construction site design

TCS specializes in site work within sensitive ecosystems and has incorporated precision GPS applied technology to all site design, construction and machine controls. Other site preparation services include:

  • Land clearing; including demolition and environmentally-advanced recycling and disposal
  • Grading and earth work
  • Storm water drainage, retention ponds, and erosion control
  • Road curbing and gutters
  • Road construction, including asphalt paving, resurfacing, seal coating and striping
  • Site utility work including water and sewer lines
  • Trucking services, lowboy services, heavy and specialized hauling, dump truck services for dirt and stone

Alum Treatment Systems

Alum treatment systems - water treatment

TCS completes the construction, design and maintenance services for alum treatment facilities, providing chemical treatment of storm water runoff by adding liquid aluminum sulfate (alum) to sediment-laden runoff (pollution). The alum combines with phosphorus, heavy metals and suspended solids, causing them to settle-out of suspension resulting in cleaner water for the surrounding water bodies.

Public Use Facilities

Public Use Facilities Construction

These types of construction projects include but are not limited to: Olympic-sized pools and bathhouses, splash parks, recreational parks/playgrounds, clock towers, boardwalks and observation towers.

Design - Build

design, manage, and build construction proojects

The customer hires TCS to design, manage and build the project, resulting in lower costs, time savings and quality control. As a design-build contractor TCS often takes on complicated design and restoration construction plans and sculpts them into functioning ecosystems and other public works projects.

Construction Management

Construction management in Florida

The client hires TCS to complete the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion. Over the years TCS has often been sought out to complete complicated environmental projects because of its reputation for meeting and exceeding client expectations within these areas.